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The Birth Stories We Do (and Do Not) Tell

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Andrea Buchanan asks an interesting question over at Mother Shock: what parts of your labor/birth stories you've told, or whether -- in fact -- you've ever written those stories at all. It's funny, I've never published the birth stories of any of my living children, mainly, I suppose, because there'd be four stories to write and (being me) I'd want to get each story just right. (Do I set the bar impossibly high for myself or what?)

The only birth story I've ever written is the account of my daughter Laura's stillbirth. I wrote that story because I wanted to describe how the experience of stillbirth changes a person forever. It's certainly changed me -- made me appreciate the good times in life all the more and given me the courage to face the difficult times too, like my Mom's death last year. (As excrutiatingly painful as it was to lose my Mom, I knew I'd find my way through the black tunnel of grief once again because I'd already survived the unthinkable before -- my daughter's stillbirth.)

Anyway, Andi's post got me thinking, so I thought I'd post my two cents on this subject.

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