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I Blog, You Blog, We All Blog....

Monday, May 24, 2004
I had no idea that my writer buddy Shelley Divnich Haggert had a blog -- and what a fun and feisty blog it is! Check it out when you have a moment. (BTW -- It's funny how this blogging thing works. You start blogging and then you find out that everyone else you know is blogging too. It's kind of like when you first find out you're pregnant! Suddenly everyone you know is sporting a belly!) :-)

Anyway, speaking of blogging, I was just quoted in an article about parents who blog that ran over the weekend in the New Jersey Star Ledger. The article isn't going to be up long enough for me to bother linking to it, so I'll just tell you where I fit into the article. The reporter, Carrie Stetler, was talking about the appeal of spilling your parenting guts in your blog, and she quoted me as follows: "There's still such pressure to have your parenting act together, especially for moms, and if you take a risk and admit that you're not always perfect, sometimes, in real life, you might live to regret telling a story to someone who wasn't supportive, then you have to live with these people forever more. Online, you can just change your user name," says Ann Douglas, author of The Mother Of all Baby Books. So there you have it -- my two cents on parents and blogging.

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