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Just Catching Up with the World O' Blogging

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
There were some really great -- and some really funny -- posts made last week when I was busy working. (Don't you hate it when your working life gets in the way of your blogging life? What's THAT about?!!)

Anyway, here are a few tidbits that caught my eye while I was surveying the world of blogs in my usual oh-so-scientific way.

In her June 9th post, spastic mommyhead had some rather strong words about one of those rude questions that people feel entitled to ask you when they get wind of the fact that you've hit the reproductive jackpot: "Was it planned or was it a surprise?"

In her June 8th post, MomBrain had a very funny story to tell about how the creative editing of one her magazine pieces is making people think she has sex on the MomBrain.

And in his June 8th post, Laid-Off Dad had some bang-on and too true things to say about the tyranny of Crayola's Mess-Free Color Wonder System.

Very funny stuff all around....

| posted by Ann D @ 4:11 PM