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My Summertime Plans

Saturday, June 26, 2004
I am totally loving the summertime plans thread over in Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal. The entries are incredibly creative and inspiring -- the kind you want to print out and use to wallpaper your office wall! She's inspired me to start my own list of things I want to do this summer. Here goes....

  • Enjoy some twilight paddleboat rides and moonlit chats on the porch at the cottage with that cute guy I picked up in Grade 10 geography class. (That would be my husband Neil.)

  • Treat my daughter Julie to a manicure and pedicure at my favourite spa. (She's planning to bring along black nailpolish.) :-)

  • Spend some time watching funny movies with my son Scott. (He's a huge fan of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and other John Candy classics.)

  • Get some archery pointers from my son Erik. (Warning: Don't show up at our cottage unexpectedly or you may end up getting smucked with an arrow.)

  • Paint rocks with my son Ian. (He's collected a bucket full so far.)

  • Celebrate my Dad's 75th birthday with him in a memorable way. He's a totally awesome Dad. (He's also just finished writing a book. Stay tuned for more about that.)

  • Entertain family and friends at the cottage. (I just bought a bunch of ultra-tacky fish plates at Canadian Tire. Gotta put them to use!)

  • Gather up a bunch of girlfriends and head to the movies. (I want to see The Stepford Wives. Don't ask me why.)

  • Spend some time reading the cascading style sheets books that I ordered a few weeks ago. (I want to get a head start on my next round of Web design courses.)

  • Write some stuff just for fun, with no deadlines attached. (Really creative, from the heart stuff.)

  • Find 1001 other ways to enjoy the great Canadian summer. (It's far too short.)

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