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The Great Escape

Monday, July 05, 2004
It's been uncharacteristically quiet here at The Mother of All Blogs because your resident blogger is officially on vacation. (It was a scramble to actually get my dreaded GST return finished on time so that I could make the Great Escape northward, but somehow I managed to pull it off.)

I'm really enjoying the change of pace and almost complete absence of a "to do" list. (To do list for tonight: watch The Great Outdoors with the kids, read frivolous novel, drink wine.)

I went 72 hours without checking my e-mail, after we first arrived. What finally sent me to the computer to log on was a fear of having my e-mail account implode from all the SPAM. When I logged in this morning, I had to delete 600 pieces of SPAM before I could get to my real mail -- a process made tortuous by the fact that (a) I'm accessing my e-mail via a clunky webmail interface and (b) I'm using an old laptop that only types the letter "a" when it feels like it. Susanna Moodie and her buddies would admire my pioneering spirit, don't you think?

Today, the weather was exceptionally crummy, so the kids and I partook in that great Canadian cottaging tradition -- venturing off to a Canadian Tire store to kill a little time. While I was there, I couldn't help but notice the gigantic signs promoting Canadian Tire's new "Celebration Station" bridal registry. What's next? A "Change Station" baby registry?

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