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It Never Rains But It Pours....

Saturday, July 17, 2004
My computer still isn't fixed. In fact, the number of things wrong with it is multiplying. The sound card and the wireless Internet are both dead at this point. My old Smith Corona electric typewriter is looking more appealing by the moment.

But I've had to put my computer angst on hold momentarily, due to all the problems here in Peterborough. As anyone who's been tuned into the news knows, Peterborough experienced massive flooding on Thursday morning. In fact, our mayor had to declare a state of emergency. Here at the Douglas household, we've been pretty lucky. We had some water pour through our family room ceiling and damage the ceiling and the floor, and the bottom of Neil's car was damaged when he drove through some deep water on his way to work on Thursday morning, but, other than that, we haven't had any major property damage to contend with.

It just feels like we're experiencing a bit of a run of bad luck, what with the broken computer, the broken dishwasher, the flooding here in Peterborough, etc. I'm just hoping that the heavy rains didn't wash out the roads to the cottage. Stay tuned for more about that....

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