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My Computer Woes Are Ongoing

Monday, July 12, 2004
I'm still using my old computer while I wait for the local Apple repair depot to get the logic board required to fix my regular computer. (Apparently, my computer needed something more heavy-duty than a modem -- frustrating since I had to wait over a month for the blasted modem to arrive!) This entire saga has been dragging on since mid-May, when I first discovered that the dial-up modem in my computer didn't work. I'm hoping that this will be the week that the problem gets solved once and for all. I'm pretty much at my wits' end at this point. I don't think computer manufacturers understand how disruptive it is when their products don't work. My entire life has been thrown for a loop by this. I mean, I rely on this machine to make my living. It's the equivalent of a race car driver being stuck without wheels or a chef having his or her oven on the blink. I'm going to see if my AppleCare warranty covers therapy and/or spa treatments. :-)

The only good thing I can say about this whole experience is that the fellow who has been working on my computer has been amazingly kind and understanding. He "gets" the fact that I can't allow my computer to languish in the shop for weeks at a time. He's been great about allowing me to pick it up every time he's finished with a particular stage of the diagnosisis/repair process. If it weren't for this fellow, I would have lost my mind weeks ago.... (No snide comments from friends and family members, thank you very much.)

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