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Happy, Happy Monday! (Can You Tell I'm Happy?)

Monday, August 30, 2004
I received a very cool surprise in the mail today -- a copy of a book called Ennen Kuin Synnyit written by none other than myself! I had to examine the book closely before I figured out that this is the Finnish edition of my children's book Before You Were Born. My kids thought it was pretty cool to see the Finnish versions of their names on the dedication page: "Julielle, Scotille, Erikille, and Ianille!"

Of course, as thrilling as it was to get a copy of Ennen Kuin Synnyit in the mail, I've got even more exciting news: my baby sister married a truly wonderful guy on the weekend. The wedding was incredible -- the stuff of which soap opera episodes and sappy novels are made. (Yes, I cried about a dozen times.) :-)

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