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Trapped in a Time Warp

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
I uncovered a Catch-22 that's holding up my computer repair. Apple Canada thinks it shipped my sound card cable to the local Apple dealer on May 7th -- approximately two weeks before I first called to report my computer problems. Because they think they've already shipped the sound card cable in question, they are unwilling to ship another sound cable to the local dealer. Clearly, the normal rules governing time and space are no longer in effect at Apple Canada.

I've now spent 2 1/2 months trying to get my computer repaired, during which time my computer has been in the shop on seven different occasions, and my computer still isn't fully functional. I've spoken to customer service and technical support staff in Canada and the U.S. as well as at the local depot -- and none of their darned note-taking systems speak to one another, which means I have to recap my entire tale of woe each time I speak to a different person. I am honestly wondering if I'm ever going to get my laptop fixed properly. What really makes me mad is that my computer is still less than one year old, and that I intentionally purchased Apple's top-of-the-line laptop and mega-expensive three-year AppleCare warranty so that I could avoid these very types of problems. Very frustrating....

| posted by Ann D @ 11:28 AM