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Blogging Mama Mania!

Saturday, September 18, 2004
I just read a really interesting entry over at Mother Shock. In this post, Andi Buchanan shares the highlights of a speech she just gave about motherhood. What I like about Andi is that she's not afraid to speak the truth about mothering. I would really like to give Andi and other writers like her (and I include myself in this club) little pins that say "I tell the truth about motherhood". Then other moms would know that it's okay to come up to us and say that they feel like running away from home or listing certain family members for sale on eBay -- or whatever. Being able to voice that frustration is so important. Feeling like you have to keep a June Cleaver upper lip is enough to send you completely around the bend.

Andi and I are among the mamas who helped to birth a brand new blog this past week, by the way: Mamasink.com. It features the work of a lot of writers who write about mothering. Pour yourself your favorite beverage and check it out when you have time. (Actually, don't wait that long. Mothers never have time.) Our blog is still in its infancy so there aren't a lot of posts yet, but what's there is quite unlike anything else you'll find on the net -- not surprising given that we count amongst our members writers like Ayun Halliday, Katie Allison Granju, Dawn Friedman, Amanda Eyre Ward, Gayle Brandweis, Ericka Lutz, etc. etc. etc. (Shrinking violets we are not!)

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