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Vancouver, Here I Come!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
I'm off to Vancouver this weekend to speak at Baby Fair. I'm really excited about my trip, not just because I love speaking to groups of parents and parents-to-be and hanging out on the floor of baby shows (where else do you get to rub bellies with thousands of pregnant women at the same time?!!!), but also because a huge proportion of my favourite people on the planet happen to live in the Vancouver area. Yippee!!!

If you happen to live in the Vancouver area, I hope you'll come out to the show to introduce yourself and pick up the "New Parent Resource Guide" and "Mother of All Baby Seminars tip sheet" that I'll be handing out at the show. (The folks at the airport are going to seriously wonder why my luggage is so heavy. They're going to think I am one serious shopaholic. I'm bringing 500 copies of each tip sheet with me. I think the tip sheets weigh more than any of my kids weighed at birth -- and some of them tipped the scales at nearly 10 lbs.)

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