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Vancouver Postcard II

Sunday, September 19, 2004
Baby Fair was fantastic! The show was buzzing with activity and tons of parents turned out for my two seminars. I got to meet a lot of very excited parents- and grandparents-to-be, to answer all kinds of interesting questions, and to sign a bunch of my books. The show organizers were incredibly pleasant and professional. In fact, I have been so pampered, I'm going to experience major culture shock when I have to step back into the motherhood trenches at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning! (What do you mean I have to make my own coffee?) :-)

After the show, I had the thrill of having dinner with Vancouver maternity and baby photographer Kim Mallory. She brought along her portfolio. I was incredibly impressed by her ability to capture the magic of pregnancy on film: the excitement in an expectant couples' eyes (she does a lot of pregnant couple shots), the look of both joy and exhaustion in late pregnancy, the beauty in a pregnant woman's curves, etc. We both got a bit teary eyed when we were talking about pregnancy -- and, no, it wasn't the wine (although we did each have a glass of very nice BC Chardonnay in honour of the occasion). I love talking with other people who are totally passionate about pregnancy and birth, so having dinner with Kim was an absolute treat.

Now I'm busy trying to stuff everything into my suitcase and I'm starting to panic that my suitcase is going to weigh more than 70 lbs. I'm thinking of jamming some books into my backpack and my purse, in an effort to "spread the load" and stay on good terms with the airline. (At least I'm flying WestJet, the friendly airline. They don't get quite as spun out if you happen to commit a luggage faux pas as that other airline which shall remain nameless.)

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