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Britney Could Use This Book

Friday, October 15, 2004
I just received a nice surprise in the mail -- a copy of Intimate Weddings by Christina Friedrichsen.

Now before you get the idea that I'm trying to follow in Britney's shoes by planning a post-wedding party (the post-wedding party, in my case, being a mere 18 years after the fact!), let me explain. Christina Friedrichsen sent me a copy of her book because I mentored her back when she was first developing her book proposal and again when she was developing a marketing plan for her book, and she wanted to thank me for my help. (Actually, when I flipped open the book, I noticed that she thanked me in a very public way, acknowledging my help in the acknowledgments of the book. How cool is that?)

Anyway, I spent some time reading the book last night and thought I'd post a mini-review of it to help spread the word about Christina's book. It's really well done and I'm very proud of her for doing such a great job with her first book. (Christina, have you cracked open the champagne yet? I hope I remembered to tell you that some serious celebrations are in order when your first book hits the bookstore shelves. There are few things as exciting in life as having a book published. In fact, I can only think of one other thing: having a baby. Books and babies, books and babies -- my two favourite subjects. But I digress.)

Anyway, here's my take on Christina's book.

Intimate Weddings is beautifully designed, has been painstakingly researched, and is written with Christina's usual style and elegance. The book explains the rationale for having a small wedding, how to go about planning your wedding, setting a budget, creating an intimate ceremony, organizing a reception, planning indoor vs. outdoor receptions, choosing a theme, planning your honeymoon, second weddings, and preserving your wedding memories. I loved the fact that Christina challenges couples to question wedding traditions that may or may not work for them as they plan an intimate and memorable wedding: e.g. do you really want a receiving line?

Anyone who has read my books knows that I am the Appendices Queen, and Christina certainly made me proud with the breadth and quality of the resources she shared with her readers. If you want to plan a simple but tasteful wedding, the resource directory at the back of this book will be invaluable to you in your research.

Christina, you have done a fabulous job with your book. Congratulations!

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