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Desperate Housewives

Wednesday, October 06, 2004
A friend suggested that I tune into Desperate Housewives last night. I'm glad I did. I totally loved the show. It paints a wonderfully dark portrait of life in suburbia.

Classic moments from this first episode?

  • When Bree "accidentally" puts onions in her husband's salad after he asks for a divorce. (He's deathly allergic to them.)

  • When Lynette is forced to wade into a swimming pool in her dress and high heels at a neighbour's wake in order to pull out her unruly children. (At least the kids had the foresight to bring their bathing suits. It could have been worse!)

  • When Susan almost burns Edie's house down after accidentally setting one of Edie's bras on fire. (Hey, accidents happen.)

  • Given the number of calamities that occurred in the pilot episode, I think the show's creators could very well have called the show "Dangerous Housewives!"

    I'm officially hooked and will be tuning in next week. How about you?

    | posted by Ann D @ 10:25 AM