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Good News from All Fronts

Thursday, October 14, 2004
My editor just called to tell me that a bunch of my "Mother of All" books have been approved as titles under the Indigo Trusted Health Advisor program. Needless to say I'm pretty thrilled that leading Canadian health authorities have chosen to endorse my books. This has definitely made my day!

I've also got some other exciting news. The folks at Invest in Kids have invited me to serve as a member of their Expert Advisory Group for a new parenting initiative they have in the works. I have a huge amount of respect for the excellent work they do, so I am thrilled and honoured to be working with them.

Finally, I had a call yesterday from one of my U.S. editors about another foreign rights deal. It's too soon to say anything, but it's for a country I've never been in before (either physically or book-wise!), so that's very cool and exciting. Stay tuned for details....

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