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Shockingly Good Fun

Friday, October 22, 2004
I hit the big city for an evening of shockingly good fun with Mother Shock author Andi Buchanan. The thing you need to know about Andi is that she is every bit as nice, real, and down-to-earth as she comes across in her book. This is the kind of person you want to have coffee with, which is why I suggested that we do just that. And when I found out that she had never been to a Tim Horton's in her entire life, well, I decided that it was my patriotic duty to introduce her to this Canadian cultural establishment. (It was either that or take her to the Canadian Tire store near her hotel, and that didn't sound nearly as fun.) Anyway, the first Tim Horton's we tried to go to was closed for a reno, and I wasn't about to take Andi to a Tim Horton's trailer, so we had to venture a little further afield. I got us lost, but we eventually found another Tim Horton's another 10 minutes away. Then I got us lost again on the way back. Twice. I'm sure Andi felt really good about being in the hands of such a competent city guide. But in between all the wrong turns we had a fabulous conversation about motherhood, book publishing, etc. She is an amazing and inspiring woman and I can't wait to find an excuse to have coffee with her again. Andi, you rock!

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