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Writing and Life

Saturday, October 30, 2004
Ericka Lutz, one of the other contributors to Mamasink.com, recently posted a link to an article on writing by Hubert Selby Jr., author of Final Exit. The entire article makes for a powerful read, but I wanted to draw your attention to one quote in particular, when Selby talks about the powerful link between writing and life itself:

Writing, like any art, is a continuing process of discovering the infinite possibilities of Life. A blank piece of paper can be terrifying. It can also be exciting when ideas, images and sounds come together and sing off the page. For me there is no other experience like it. When I just touch the keyboard a part of me comes to life that at one time I did not know existed.

That's what writing is like for me -- how I feel when I finish the final words of a book manuscript and realize that I have created something that didn't exist before I started writing.

Some authors are able to be quite dispassionate about their books, treating them like widgets that are being sent off to the widget store.

I'm not able to do that. I put heart and soul into every aspect of the book development process, from "conception" through "birth" and throughout the entire life cycle of that book. My books are more than just books to me -- they are extensions of myself, almost like children.

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