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Bad Luck, Good Luck

Thursday, November 04, 2004
Bad Luck:
1. I locked myself out of the house when I was leaving to pick up my son after school.
2. I did not have my coat with me because it was locked in the minivan in my driveway.

Good Luck:
1. I had my cell phone with me, so I was able to call my husband to ask him to pick up my son for me.
2. I had also forgotten to lock one of the other doors of the house. (It took me 5 minutes of standing in the cold and the rain, shivering, to figure this part out!)
3. Because I didn't have to do the after-school pickup, I ended up with more time to work on an article that is due today, but still not finished.

Final score for this semi-traumatic episode: Bad: 2, Good: 3.

This means that the universe is kind of on my side today, don't you think?

| posted by Ann D @ 4:54 PM