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Britney on Motherhood

Saturday, November 27, 2004
I suppose Britney had her heart in the right place when she decided to devote this week's letter to her fans to offering a tribute to her mom. It's just the way the tribute came off that's, well, a little disturbing.

Britney describes what a great cook her mom was, but notes that "she wasn't a Stepford wife at all." Apparently, Britney's mom
"would go to church every week like everyone else, but she always looked sexy in her black dress and she was the one all the other women would gossip about. She would come home and put on her size 2 shorts and a bikini top to wash the car and get a tan at the same time, then come inside and manage to make the best chicken dumplings before going on a two mile run and then end the night by making the best chocolate shakes for us before we went to bed."

Britney then wraps up her message by offering a tribute to all the moms of the world and talking about her own plans for motherhood.

Thanks to jluster.org for the link to Britney's message.

| posted by Ann D @ 3:44 PM