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Fiction as Pregnancy

Thursday, November 25, 2004
I recently finished reading a very inspiring book about writing, Escaping into the Open: The Art of Writing True by Elizabeth Berg. Here's a quote from the book that really resonated with me, and that will likely be very meaningful for other mothers who write:
"I believe that fiction feeds on itself, grows like a pregnancy. The more you write, the more there is to draw upon; the more you say, the more there is to say....You do not run out of material by using all that's in you; rather, when you take everything that is available one day, it only makes room for new things to appear the next."

If you want to find out more about Elizabeth Berg, you might be interested in this interview at Bookmagazine.com and this author interview over at Barnesandnoble.com. (Check out the part about the re-titling of Berg's books. I always find it interesting to read about how some books lose their original titles during the editing process -- sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.)

| posted by Ann D @ 11:18 AM