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Happy Writer Moment

Sunday, November 14, 2004
I am having a really productive afternoon of writing (despite the, um, occasional interruptions to blog!) The words are flowing, my ideas are coming together really well, and I am feeling really happy about writing. I have not been having a lot of "happy writer" moments lately because I've been experiencing a lot of career-related stress, so it feels great to have the words dancing off my fingers and on to the page. I also have The Coolest Idea Ever for a book -- an idea I can't wait to get down on paper, which I will do just as soon as I finish my magazine article and my speech.

Actually, I cheated and started to draft the book proposal and the table of contents for the book while I was supposed to be working on my magazine article. I sure hope my editor doesn't read my blog because the article is a bit overdue and she was kind and gracious enough to give me a week-long extension. Anyway, just in case you are reading my blog, Very Nice Editor, I really have been working hard on my magazine article. I just took a brief break (a) to blog; (b) to draft part of that book proposal. Now I'm getting back to work -- right after I hit the coffee pot.

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