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The Joy of Imperfection

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
My blog is still new enough that it's still a big thrill to me when other people blog about me. (I know. I seriously need to get a life.) So it made my day when T.O. Mama told me she'd posted about me in her blog today. I got a kick out of what she said about the difference between Ann the person and Ann the brand -- e.g., how I blog about my struggles as a writer, a mother, etc. I put that stuff into my books, too, because the last thing I want people to think is that I think I have all the answers. I hate parenting books that come across that way. I mean I've yet to meet a perfect child or a perfect parent, so who has the right to write parenting books that promise to have some super-secret magic formula for raising perfect kids? They always sound about as believable to me as the sea monkey ads in the back of comic books.

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