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More Fuel for Your Blogging Addiction

Saturday, November 13, 2004
In my never-ending quest to help you to get you addicted to as many blogs as I am, I have added yet more links to my sidebar. Here's the lowdown on some of the new blogging treasure you will unearth today if you go digging in parenting link land:

  • Busy Mom
  • (an extremely well written blog by a mom who is every bit as funny as she is busy);
  • Dooce
  • (a brave and gutsy blog by a blogger (now a mama) who actually lost her job because of the controversial contents of her blog);
  • F-Bomb
  • (a lively and well-written blog by a first-time father-to-be);
  • Hula Doula
  • (lively reflections on life by a doula-to-be); and
  • The Zero Boss
  • (intelligent musings on fatherhood, writing, and the universe in general by a highly prolific and influential daddy blogger).

But wait! Not all of this week's blog picks have to do with parenting (although you could be forgiven for thinking so). I also came across a few other blogs that I've sprinkled into some of my other links categories:

  • Fat Lil Wytch
  • (a very funky art blog);
  • Do You Have That In My Size?
  • (a blog by someone who describes herself as "nothing special" but who is clearly something special indeed);
  • Some-Girl.org
  • (a blog written by a very talented blogger who is herself an essay in contradictions);
  • Stupid Beautiful Lies
  • (a fascinating pop culture and sometimes political romp by a Canadian musician).

So, there you go. That should fuel your blog addiction for a while. Enjoy!

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