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Motherhood, Raw

Thursday, November 25, 2004
Some of the most incredible writing about motherhood, pregnancy, infertility, and all the joy and pain that goes along with those experiences can be found online.

If you want to step foot on the reproductive rollercoaster, a visit to Chez Miscarriage will reminds you that pregnancy can be painfully elusive for some women. And a pitstop to a little pregnant will leave you with no doubt that any pregnant woman who has experienced reproductive difficulties in the past is going to be a permanent resident of Anxiety Avenue until Junior arrives safe and sound.

I came across a couple of other motherhood postings in the past few days that really rang true for me.

This post from City Mama serves as proof positive that there are moments when life with young children can push you to the breaking point.

And this essay from Mother Shock author Andi Buchanan has some important things to say about the secret lives of mothers.

I find that I tend to gravitate towards the really from-the-heart postings that sound like something one of my girlfriends might have fired off to me in an e-mail after a particularly rough day in the motherhood trenches. Of course, I also appreciate motherhood served up with a hefty side dish of humor -- the kind of thing that Dooce, Busy Mom, and the Housewife Chronicles do with such finesse.

Note: Don't forget to check out the links I've collected in my sidebar. You'll find all kinds of other fabulous blogs devoted to pregnancy and motherhood.

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