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My Messy Desk

Monday, November 29, 2004
Thought I'd start a new blog feature, which readers of this blog will either find fascinating or the most boring thing to hit the Kingdom of Blogdom since the beginning of blogging. I'm calling it "My Messy Desk" and basically I'm going to blog about some of the more noteworthy things that can be unearthed on my desk at any given time. Here goes:

  • An advance copy of Hot Mamas: The Ultimate Guide to Staying Sexy Throughout Your Pregnancy and the Months Beyond by Lou Paget. Lou's editors sent me a copy because I provided the following blurb, which appears on the back cover:

    "Feeling hot and bothered about how your pregnancy is going to affect your sex life? Lou Paget has written the ultimate go-to guide for moms-to-be who want to nurture their sex lives along with their growing bellies. Smart, sexy, and incredibly savvy, Hot Mamas feels like a cross between the hippest childbirth class you could ever hope to attend and your favorite episode of Sex and the City."
    - Ann Douglas, author, The Mother of All Pregnancy Books (U.S. edition)

  • A copy of the holiday issue of Living Spree, which features my parenting column and a holiday board game I wrote. (You'll find page two of the game here.)

  • A copy of the December issue of ePregnancy Magazine, which features a spotlight review of my book The Mother of All Pregnancy Organizers on page 112.

  • The raw materials needed to write the editorial copy for next year's Ontario Parks Guide. (Here's a link to the 2004 edition. (I wrote the material on pages 4 to 21 of last year's guide.)

  • A copy of the ASJA Monthly, a newsletter which I receive through my membership in the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

  • A Cat in the Hat coffee mug full of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee.

  • A painted flowerpot that kid number one made for me years ago, and that now serves as The Mother of All pen and pencil holders.

  • My new cool label-making toy. (I really didn't need this, but it was too cool to resist.)

  • Most useless item on my desk: A pair of sunglasses. The glare from my computer monitor isn't that bad, really.

  • The feel-good item on my desk: The cottage history book that my Dad co-wrote this summer. I'm so proud of him and Gwen for writing this book, and reading the book brings back so many wonderful memories of summers spent up at Go Home Lake.

  • Currently missing in action: A cellphone that I'm sure to be able to find once it rings.

Anyone else want to play? My don't you blog about what's on your desk and post the link in my comments section?

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