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So Many Blogs, So Little Time

Saturday, November 27, 2004
I know, I know. You already have too many blogs to read. But here's the scoop on another dozen that definitely warrant a look. If you're too busy to check them out today, blogmark or bookmark my site and swing by again: I've added each of these blogs to the links section in my sidebar.

First, in the "More Addictive Than Coffee" category, you will find:

  • Blurbomat: a thoughtful and well-written blog written by Dooce's resident Prince Charming.

  • Here Eggy Eggy Eggy: a frank and funny blog that documents one woman's attempts to hit the reproductive jackpot.

  • Metro Dad: frank and funny posts by a daddy blogger with passionate views on life.

  • Mimi Smartypants: a wonderfully entertaining blog by a mamablogger who isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

  • Mothering Down the Bones: a blog that delivers on its claim to be "a celebration of the work of mothering, as well as one big, dusty complaint".

  • Ms. Conceived: an attractively designed blog which does a great job of capturing the slice-of-life stuff that goes along with being a mom.

  • Sherocious: a fun-to-read blog that provides "notes from the motherland".

  • The Blue Sloth: an attractive and well-written blog by a highly creative daddy blogger.

  • Three Kid Circus: an often hilarious blog which seeks to "[help] other parents feel superior, one blog entry at a time".

  • This Mom's Wonderland: a well written, beautifully designed "momoir".

In the "Author, Author" category of my links, you'll find a new link to Steven King's Speech from the 2003 National Book Awards -- a must-read for any writer, whether you're interested in the horror genre or not.

And, finally, in the "Life, etc." category of my links, you'll find And She Said: a beautifully designed and well-written blog that serves up interesting musings about life.

Hope you enjoy my latest batch of blog picks. Now I'm off to switch back into mother mode....

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