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Saturday, November 20, 2004
Some random thoughts for a Saturday afternoon:

1. I've noticed that I'm able to think much more clearly and creatively when I'm outside of my office. Does this mean I'm going to have to have to do like Jennifer Weiner and start writing in coffee shops on a regular basis? Given that I'm currently hooked on Starbucks Anniversary Blend coffee, this could prove to be a very expensive proposition. But if all those cups of coffee increase my creative output, surely my coffee habit would be considered tax deductible.

2. I'm seriously thinking about, gulp, breaking up with Blogger. It's not that I don't appreciate everything that Blogger has done for me to help me get my start in the world of blogging. It's just that I've been seriously lusting after Typepad lately. (I know. It's so terribly wrong!) And this post over at Mom and Pop Culture made me wonder if I should be trying a little harder on the design front. On the other hand, if I have to try too hard on the design front, blogging will become too much work and I won't have time to do it at all. Talk about The Mother of All Dilemmas.

3. My trip to New Hampshire earlier in the week convinced me that I need to get out of town on a regular basis. When you work from home, you never really get away from work, so if you're dealing with a challenging situation on the career front, as I have been for the past few months, it is literally with you 24/7. Getting out of town gave me a fresh perspective on the situation and renewed energy to pour into other new projects that I am truly passionate about. It feels good to be feeling really calm and quietly happy again.

4. My husband Neil is eagerly counting down the number of days until the start of the Victoria Day weekend in May -- the official kick-off to cottaging season here in Canada. (You can usually get started a few weeks earlier if you keep an eye on the weather and you feel confident that you're not going to get a late-spring frost that cracks your water-pump or something, but there's nothing like a three-day holiday weekend to make things official.) Anyway, if anyone else is watching the clock, Neil tells me there are now just 184 days left until the Friday of the Victoria Day long weekend -- just a little over six months.

5. My seven-year-old just told me that he has taken one of the bathrooms out of service because it is full of wet paintings. Last week's genre of choice was photocopier art. I had to ask him not to include unsold book proposals as part of his photocopier art. He was including them along with photocopies of other found objects from around my office -- business cards, paper clips, envelopes, etc.

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