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Reality Blogging: The Parenthood Channel

Monday, December 06, 2004
I thought I'd start out my week by posting a note of appreciation to all the parents who tell it like it is in their blogs -- who aren't afraid to admit that some days in the motherhood and fatherhood trenches are just plain crazymaking, and who understand that feeling less than euphoric about being sleep deprived or on perpetual anxiety overload doesn't make you a bad parent.

When we parents open up and start speaking openly to other parents about what we're going through -- either via our blogs or via some other message forum -- we make it easier for the next parent to speak the truth about what he or she is going through. We don't do ourselves or the other parents of the world when we muster up a June Cleaver or Carol Brady smile and pretend that all is perfect within the four walls of our houses. We simply make it more difficult for other parents to speak their own truths.

| posted by Ann D @ 10:40 AM