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Calling All To-Do-List Voyeurs....

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Isabella's to do list post reminded me that I am a to-do-list voyeur. I love to read other people's to do lists, perhaps because they allow me to postpone diving into my own.

Just in case you share my voyeuristic tendencies (well, at least when it comes to to-do lists), I thought I'd post some of the highlights of my to do list so that you can see what I'm theoretically planning to do today. (I'm reading Julie Morgenstern's Time Management from the Inside out (Second edition), but I'm not necessarily banging off each and every item on my to do list every day.)

Anyway, here's my list for today:

1. Finish handout and Powerpoint presentation for Women's Health Matters Forum and Expo. (I'm speaking on the topic of "Overstressed Parents, Overstressed kids."
2. Download the new 2005 payroll tables from the Canada Revenue Agency web site so that I can pay myself at the end of the week.
3. Write up article for the American Society of Journalists and Authors newsletter.
4. Pick up seven-year-old from school and swing by Starbucks for after-school caffeine blast. (For me, not him. Don't worry, I'm not pumping my kids full of coffee.)
5. Come up with a semi-inspired idea for dinner -- ideally something warm and healthy that uses up ingredients that we already have in the refrigerator.
6. Pay bills.
7. Read in bath after filling bath with most decadent bath salts currently in my possession.
8. Lie in bed wondering why I have insomnia. Suddenly remember late-afternoon Starbucks coffee....

Got a to do list of your own to share? Post the link in the comments section below so that I can see what's on your to do list for today.

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