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Inspiration Alley

Thursday, January 06, 2005
I just realized that I'm starting to sound like I'm coming down with a serious case of the January blahs, which actually isn't the case at all, so in the spirit of getting the New Year off on a decidedly un-grumpy footing, I thought I'd make list of things that inspire me.

I realize I now risk veering in the other direction and drowning you all in a river of syrup that's thicker than Kahlua, Bailey's, and Sambucca combined. But, hey, I'm going to take my chances and take you on a quick stroll down inspiration alley by listing a few of my sources of inspiration du jour.

  • Adults who remember how difficult it was to be a teenager and who are endlessly patient and caring towards the teenagers in their own lives.

  • People who embrace books and ideas, and who believe in a culture of sharing.

  • Songwriters who are able to capture in a single stanza what it can take the rest of us an entire lifetime to attempt to convey.

  • Artists who seek to inspire others through their art, and who aren't afraid to share bits of themselves along away.

  • Any creator working in any genre who has ever stood up for principles of artistic integrity or who has fought to safeguard his or her intellectual property or his or her right to make a living.

  • Anyone who is willing to do any good deed -- large or small -- when no one is looking.

  • People who love with their whole heart and who are simply incapable of any meannness of spirit.

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