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Coffee Musings

Monday, February 28, 2005
Now I can see why Carrie from Sex and the City spent so much time writing at Starbucks. It's a lot easier to write in a coffee shop than it is to write when you're at home. There are fewer distractions and there's a bottomless pot of fresh coffee. I tried it this morning and I got tons of work done.

Now my fellow Canucks may be wondering why I didn't hit Tim Horton's. Well, for one thing. I've decided I like the ambience and the coffee at Starbucks better. And then there's the fact that Tim's is running this contest in which they're encouraging guys to write in with funny stories about those annoying things that women do. Well, I didn't want to risk being annoying (gals, you know how easily that can happen!), so I decided I'd better stick with Starbucks for now.

| posted by Ann D @ 1:55 AM