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Cool Cats

Thursday, February 17, 2005
Last night, I spoke to the Durham Region Parents of Multiple Births Association in Oshawa. I arrived with a scraped, bruised, and bloody knee (thankfully hidden by a long black skirt) after doing a less-than-graceful swan-dive on an icy patch of pavement while paying for gas at a gas station on the way. I decided that since I was talking about how parenting perfectionism is decidedly out of vogue, I was in great shape for giving my talk. No one could accuse me of being too perfect, given all the mud on my shoes and skirt. (Hey, you've gotta work with the material you've got.)

Anyway, the group was great -- friendly, warm, and chatty. They gave me one of the coolest speakers' gifts I've ever been given -- two Cat in the Hat plush toys. (They told me the two Cats in the Hat were twins!)

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