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In Media Mama Mode

Thursday, February 24, 2005
The six media interviews that I had scheduled for yesterday turned into eight media interviews. Talk about a whirlwind day.

I started out by doing an interview with Joanne Richard from The Toronto Sun via e-mail while I was eating my breakfast in my hotel room.

Then Lilo -- the author escort employed by the publicity firm contracted by Wiley Canada to coordinate publicity for my tour -- whisked me off to Breakfast at The New RO to tape a parenting segment with Karen Solomon. Karen and I talked about why it's okay to be a less than perfect parent. I had some tough competition on the show: the grapefruit guru from Florida and his amazing grapefruit creations: a grapefruit basket, a grapefruit palm tree, and other amazing grapefruit creations that have to be seen to believed.

After that, Lilo and I were off to CHRI FM for a 15 minute interview with Lorne Anderson. Lorne and I talked about the challenges facing today's generation of parents.

Then Lilo and I headed over to Rogers TV for an interview with Catherine Marion and Derick Fage of Daytime. Catherine is one of the moms I interviewed while I was researching the Canadian edition of The Mother of All Parenting Books, so it was a huge thrill to be interviewed by her. She is a fabulous interviewer: very funny and extremely enthusiastic. She is a natural when it comes to TV -- definitely a rising star in the Ottawa TV market. And her co-host, Derick, has a great sense of humor. (He was a very good sport when Catherine and I broke the bad news to him about how his sex life is likely to change after his first baby arrives later this year.) While I was at Daytime, I also hang out in the green room with the grapefruit guru. I stopped feeling threatened by his cooler on-air props and focused on getting grapefruit recipes to try at home -- liked baked pink grapefruit.

A last minute interview request from the Ottawa Citizen meant that I was forced to have lunch at the Chateau Laurier because it was conveniently located and would make a good backdrop for the photoshoot. You can all break out your tissues now and shed some tears for the sacrifices I have to make on my publicity tours, having to dine out at places like this. Working lunches can be tough. The reporter who interviewed me, Rebecca Leu from the Ottawa Citizen, was lovely. She's a journalism intern from Carleton. The photographer who accompanied her on the assignment, Rod MacIvor, was equally great to work with. He has a fabulous sense of humour and managed to get a great shot of me holding my book. (It's hard to get an inspired shot of an author holding a book. Trust me. I've seen a lot of those photos.)

After the photo shoot, the next pitstop was CHIN Multicultural Radio. My interviewer was program director Gary Michaels, a total charmer and very lively and personable interviewer. I think I spent more time laughing during the interview than answering questions. (Just for the record, no alcohol was consumed during my working lunch.)

My next interview of the day was with Karen Robock from Glow Magazine. She interviewed me for a story for the magazine's May/June issue.

My final stop of the day was at CJOH TV, where to got to reconnect with one of the nicest makeup artists in the business (unfortunately, I don't know her name) and to tape an interview with CJOH's Leigh Chapple.

Catherine Marion was available for dinner, so the two of us hit Luxe. The food was great.

Today, I'll be speaking at a sold-out event organized by Success by Six. I'm really looking forward to the event. Ottawa is a fun place to be!

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