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What Do You Collect?

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I am always fascinated by the types of things people choose to collect -- and how collections come about. Sometimes you don't even intend to start collecting something, but you end up collecting it anyway. Maybe you have something in your house and someone notices it so they bring you another one. And then someone else brings you another one. And before you notice it, you've got a whole bunch of them. I thought I'd make a list of some of the things I collect and tell you how I came to collect them. Then I'd like to invite you to do the same.
1. Cat in the Hat stuff. (It started with a cool Cat in the Hat mug that I had to have. Then it spread to a Cat in the Hat figurine and a stuffed Cat in the Hat. Who knows where this will all end?
2. The Sound of Music memorabilia. It started with the movie and the movie soundtrack. Then it got a little out of hand. I also have a The Sound of Music t-shirt, a The Sound of Music coffee mug, and The Sound of Music pillowcases, all purchased in the giftshop at Stratford when we saw The Sound of Music live on stage (with Cynthia Dale in the role of Maria). And, of course, I have my ticketstubs from the time when my friend Diane and I went to see The Sing-a-long Sound of Music in Toronto.
3. Boston Terrier stuff. We had a Boston Terrier when I was growing up and my sisters are Boston Terrier freaks, so they are always giving me Boston Terrier stuff, so I have a Boston Terrier stuffed animal, a Boston Terrier coffee mug, and tons of Boston Terrier greeting cards.
4. Vintage marriage and childrearing manuals. I started this collection after inheriting a Victorian sex manual from my Grandmother and I've added to it over the years. I have some really cool and hilarious books in my collection that told previous generations of women how to be the perfect wife and mother. (I've now dedicated my career to telling women not to be perfect. Seems fair.)
5. Cool earrings. I collect colourful, oversized, funky, and inexpensive earrings. The more fun and wacky, the better. I can't remember how or when I started collecting cool earrings. It must have been shortly after I got my ears pieced in Grade 8.
6. Fun purses. This is my newest collection. It only consists of one purse so far -- my much-loved black purse with lime-green polka dots. Neil pointed out signs of wear yesterday -- a small hole in one corner. I am thinking I may have to archive the purse and only bring it out on special occasions, kind of like a vintage automobile.

Now it's your turn. Tell me what you collect and post the link below.

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