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Art and Parades

Sunday, March 13, 2005
If you're in an arty mood, you may want to explore some of the new art links I've added to my "Artists Whose Work I Adore" category. (Yes, I'm in a link-adding mood this weekend. I'll blog about the new links when I have a bit more time.)

I'm just in the door from the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Peterborough. My seven-year-old pointed out that he'd never been to a parade -- he'd only watched parades on TV (major mommy guilt attack!) -- and he really wanted to go to this one, so I bundled us both up and we headed downtown. It was really cold. About 10 minutes into the parade, he asked why they had to have St. Patrick's Day in wintertime. (Good question!) Still, we both managed to have a really good time. The parade was pretty hilarious in the way that only small-town parades can be. A really bitter guy standing near me offered hilarious commentaries on all the politicians as they waved at the crowd from their floats. And the parade ended with an elderly priest dressed entirely in green running along the parade path, waving at the crowd in Santa Claus-type fashion, wishing everyone a very happy St. Patrick's Day.

The moment we stepped in the car, my very wise son said, "Now you have something else to write about."

He knows me well.

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