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Comment Amnesty

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
I was distressed to see that one of my favorite bloggers -- Jen of MUBAR -- has been hit with a bad case of comment guilt.

She's riding the guilt train because she's receiving more comment love than she can give these days because she's got a toddler at home, she's pregnant with number two, and she's been battling morning sickness -- a very specific strain of morning sickness that can only be cured with Hershey's S'Mores Bars.

This made me think that there should be situations in which comment amnesty is a given -- like in situations like Jen's when you're subletting your uterus to a growing baby who is hooked on chocolate bars.

Here are some other times when I think your fellow bloggers should be willing to cut you some comment slack:

  • You just lost your job and you need to be writing e-mails to would-be employers, not love notes to your fellow bloggers.

  • Your marriage is on the rocks, largely due to your blogging habit. (Hint: If you just shouted, "But I would spend more time with you, honey, if you'd just get your own blog!" you may very well be heading for Splitsville.)

  • Your computer is in the shop and every time you ask when you're likely to get it back, the technician bursts into evil techno-laughter. Consequently, you're having to walk 10 miles in the pouring rain to the nearest library to update your blog each day. (For dramatic purposes, we're assuming you live in a rainforest.)

So what do you think? Do you think there are times when some comment amnesty is in order?

| posted by Ann D @ 8:30 PM