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Slush Therapy

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
There was something about the look in the other mom's eyes that made me stop in my tracks in the middle of a pile of slush for an impromptu chat this morning. She looked the way I've felt on many, many occasions -- like I needed someone to talk to in the worst possible way. And, of course, the streets can be tauntingly lonely on those kinds of days.

So we did just that, in the middle of a pile of slush that slowly started to melt as we talked on and on and on about motherhood, work, and all the other things that two moms can find to talk about when they're standing in the street in front of their kids' school. My feet were freezing (I had forgotten to wear boots) and my teeth started to chatter, but I felt this warm surge of connection with this other mom. I can't wait to take her up on that slice of apple pie and the accompanying conversation. (I assume there will be coffee, too.) We moms need to take more time just to talk.

| posted by Ann D @ 2:39 PM