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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
I feel sorry for the family members of writers. They have to put up with more than most people realize. Sometimes writers are sitting right beside you, but their brains are busy typing away. This can make them very annoying to live with, especially if they suddenly space out right in the middle of a conversation.

My kids have grown up knowing that they actually have two mommies: their reasonably functional everyday mom and a strange creature called Writermom who looks like me, but who forgets to listen when important information is being passed along (like when a trip form has to be completed and returned, or where someone is going to be after school) and who does really spaced out things at times (like starting a pot of coffee without remembering that you need a coffee pot to catch the coffee, or forgetting to go places unless she sets the timer on the stove to remind herself that she has to stop writing and leave the house).

Sometimes the kids wish Writermom would go and live somewhere else.

They wish that she was a little better at remembering things, and that they didn't have to repeat the same thing three times in an increasingly louder voice whenever she is in front of her computer.

But most of the time they accept the fact that Writermom is simply the part of their mom that churns out books, magazine articles, and other things word-related. And they think that's kind of cool.

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