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And the Winner Is....

Monday, April 18, 2005
I've had a fabulous time judging the entries from the movie moms and movie dads contest.

When I first announced the contest, I had intended to offer a single prize for the best entry, but once I started reading the entries, I realized I'd have to offer three prizes at a minimum. When I read over the final entries tonight, I expanded that to four.

Each of the following winners will receive their choice of one of the books in my The Mother of All Books ® series plus some soap and bath salts. (E-mail me privately to claim your prize.)

This was a really tough contest to judge. I wish I could have given a prize to each and every one of you. Hey, maybe I'll offer some consolation prizes.... If anyone else who entered before the deadline would like a The Mother of All ® postcard, mini-book, and a few other goodies from me, just let me know.


| posted by Ann D @ 3:52 AM