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Are You Somniferous Yet? It's Almost Palang Time....

Sunday, April 03, 2005
Does your child look at you like you're speaking a different language when you tell him it's time to go to bed? Maybe you should crib some bed lingo from Miss Abigail, advice whiz extraordinaire. In this selection entitled How to Invite Somebody to Bed, she quotes from a 1946 manners guide called Bed Manners, and Better Bed Manners:

What you need, to refresh your way of speaking, are some good, reliable words that mean "bed." A short list includes bunk, berth, pallet, crib, cot, shakedown, lit (French) and palang (Hindu). Then you want a few good words that mean "lie down," "yawn," "snore," "take a rest," and so forth. You might trust the dictionary, but never trust a dictionary too far. Or you will find yourself saying to some startled person, who never went to school in Boston, something that he or she won't understand.

"I am somniferous. Are you statuvolvent? Shall we oscitate in our palang?"

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