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Drama Mamas

Monday, April 11, 2005
I'm always amazed and inspired to see how many different ways moms find to translate their thoughts and feelings about motherhood into different art forms and mediums.

Earlier this morning, I stumbled across the website of the Drama Mamas, a California-based theater group that focuses on parenting-related themes. Their first production was Stretch Marks: Growing into Motherhood. Now they're collecting stories for their second play, which will focus on a couple's perspective on parenting.

And on a similar note, Halifax Director Tessa Mendel and Playwright Joanne Miller have been working on The Motherhood Project: Nobody Told Us What It Would Be Like! -- a theatre workshop project designed to bring mother's stories to the stage.

And, of course, there's a thriving mom comedy genre. The Momologues, Mum's the Word, and The Mommies, are just a few examples of successful mom comedy acts/plays that have arrived on the scene in recent years. (Of course, The Mommies managed to take their act from stand-up to TV and into the world of books, too.)

So on those days when you feel like you're switching into drama queen mode or that your life is truly made for TV, why not pound out a few pages on your keyboard and capture that moment of mothering insanity for posterity? Whether or not those pages ever make it on to the desk of a big Hollywood producer, you'll have captured one of those slice of life moments in your mothering career (a moment you may someday look back on with the fondness that a decade or two of distance can provide).

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