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From GST Flu to Handbag Heaven

Saturday, April 02, 2005
I now have scientific evidence to prove that doing your GST return can make you ill.

After staying up until 2:45 am Thursday morning to get the dreaded thing finished (it was due that day), I managed to develop a seriously rotten head cold.

This was not good because I had to head to Toronto that night for meetings at Invest in Kids. I am sure each and every person who was locked up in the meeting room with me yesterday appreciated having me arrive with my own stash of Kleenex and cough drops -- to say nothing of the germs I no doubt shared with everyone else around the table.

I arrived home last night after making a quick pitstop in the purse department at Winners -- a preferred purse shopping destination of fellow handbag aficionado Jen. (All work and no play makes Ann a dull girl, so a purse pitstop seemed to be in order.) At one point, I was holding so many purses that one of the store clerks came to my rescue by rushing over with a shopping cart. (I naively assumed when I entered the store that I wouldn't need one. As if.) Anyway, I left the store with

  • a lime green leather purse (the crown jewel of my shopping trip)

  • a lime green woven purse with rattan flowers

  • an orange woven purse with a huge orange gauze flower with a lime green petal

  • a pink vinyl purse that's covered with shiny pink "jewels"

  • a black and white purse with metal studs and chains that's funky enough that my teenage daughter thinks she may want to borrow it (however, it's not quite cool enough that she actually wants to own it: I offered to give it to her).

Yes, it is insane that I picked up more purses in one evening than I typically purchase over a two-year period, but all I can say in my defense is that

  • I need a new purse because my favorite purse (the purse with the green polka dots) has a small hole in one corner. To preserve it, I need to transfer it to the purse archive sooner rather than later.

  • the purse pickings were exceptional

  • the prices were phenomenal (most were in the $12-$19 range, but one purse cost considerably more; can't say how much because my Dad reads this blog and he would be horrified by how much I spent on the green leather purse)

  • the colors were irresistible

  • I was Starbucks-deprived (hadn't had a cup of decent coffee in over 24 hrs.)

Anyway, I wish I could say that the purse therapy cured my GST sickness, but I'm still nursing The Mother of All Head Colds. (If anyone tries to phone me, I sound like a three-year-old with a bad cough -- a very sultry effect.)

So am I looking forward to diving into my personal tax return? Oh you betcha!

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