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The Inside Scoop: She's Marlavelous....and So Is Josephine

Monday, April 25, 2005
I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Marla, Josephine, and Josephine's Grandma Joan while I was speaking at the T.O. Kids Show yesterday. The only member of the family who missed out on our rendezvous was Dougie who managed to get left behind. (No need to panic. Unlike on previous occasions when he was seriously MIA, this time, Toronto's most famous stuffed pooch was merely left at home.)

The three of us dined at a remarkably nice cafeteria in the Toronto Congress Centre (you don't always luck out at these places), and Marla made homemade toys by tying together coffee lids with straws and other cafeteria objects, and Josephine nibbled her way through most food groups and then entertained herself by enchanting random strangers. (All in a day's work when you're 14 months old and unspeakably cute.)

Then, looking suspiciously like we were doing some sort of drug deal, we exchanged "the goods" -- Marla's prize package from the recent movie contest and the goodie bag she had put together for me.

List of contents for those who, like me, always have to know these things:

  • an original Dougie poster

  • a can of Luzianne coffee with chicory, which Marla tells me I will either love or hate (she is soooo honest!)

  • a Hello Josephine! birth announcement (how cool is THAT?!!!)

  • five lollypops in a bag (for bribing children, pumping up my blood-sugar at my computer, and/or because they are cool colors)

  • something neat looking that looks like a thistle in a jar (Marla?) and

  • a copy of the 1940 edition of Nicholson J. Eastman's Expectant Motherhood, which told pregnant women not to give up smoking during pregnancy for fear that they turn into "intolerable shrews."

  • a beautiful embroidered handkerchief depicting two girls on a teeter-totter (Marla and me!)

What a wonderful gift, Marla. Thank you.

And as for all you people who are wondering if Marla is indeed as wonderful as she sounds in her blog, and if Josephine is indeed even a fraction as cute, as intelligent, etc. as Marla claims, I feel compelled to blow their covers. Marla is more wonderful and Josephine is even cuter, more intelligent, etc. I had a blast hanging out with them and hope to do so again soon at Chez Dougie.

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