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Okay, Dahlings....

Thursday, April 07, 2005
movie diva

It's movie day, here at the Mother of All Blogs. We're going to head to the movies (yes, I'm buying the popcorn) and play amateur film critic. What I'd like you to do is come up with your nominees in one or more of the following categories:

  • meanest movie mom ever

  • meanest movie dad ever

  • best movie mom ever

  • best movie dad ever

  • most nauseating movie mom ever

  • most nauseating movie dad ever

  • the film character who most reminds you of yourself -- and why.

Because these blogging entries could get a little long, it would probably be best if you blogged on your own site and simply posted the link below so that the rest of us can check out your answers. (Of course, if your answer is really short, you can post it here. Whatever works for you.)

Did I mention that there are prizes?

In addition to sending you a box of popcorn (hey, I told you I was buying), I will send you

  • a signed copy of your choice of any book in my THE MOTHER OF ALL ® book series

  • some soap that is manufactured by a boutique here in my hometown and that is truly to-die-for

  • some luxurious bath salts so that you can have a nice relaxing bath (The Mother of All Blogger's favorite way to unwind after a day of chugging coffee).

I will be judging the entries based on creativity.

You can enter up from now until midnight ET on April 15th. (A note to my American friends: This is way more fun than doing your taxes, so put down that calculator right now!)

I'll announce the winner on Sunday, April 17th.

So toss on your feather boas and get ready to hit the theatre....

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