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Wanted: Parents to Interview for Two Forthcoming Books -- Sleep, Food

Monday, April 25, 2005
pen and pad of paper

I am excited to announce that I will be writing two new books this year:

(1) a sleep solutions book for parents of babies/toddlers/preschoolers and
(2) a food solutions book for parents of babies/toddlers/preschoolers.

I'm also going to be revising the Canadian editions of both The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and The Mother of All Baby Books later in the year. More about that in a few months times.

At this point, I am looking for about 200 parents to interview for the sleep book and about 200 parents to interview for the food book. I'd really like to have a mix of both moms and dads and a mix of both Canadian and American parents (and possibly a handful of parents from other parts of the world, but not so many that my publisher will go bankrupt mailing out the free books to rural Botswana and other exotic locales), so it would be great if you could spread the word to other parents you know who would make great interview subjects:

    (1) really lively, funny, opinionated people with great stories to share and/or
    (2) your average mom or dad on the street who has had an extra challenging time with sleep and/or food issues with their child and who would love to tell the world how they survived!

To qualify for either of these book panels, the parent in question needs to have a child under the age of five.

What I'll be asking parents to do is to respond to six-to-eight questionnaires that are sent out over an approximately two-month period. The sleep book panel will run from approximately mid-May to mid-July and the food book panel will run from approximately mid-July to mid-September. Any of the first 200 people who sign up for each book panel and who respond to at least 75% of the questionnaires will receive a free copy of the book.

  • To volunteer for the sleep book panel, parents need to send me an e-mail message with a subject line that says sleep book.

  • To volunteer for the food book panel, parents need to send me an e-mail message with a subject line that says food book.

Their initial e-mail should state their name, their geographic location, the number and ages of their kids, and why they'd like to be part of the panel. (I'd just like to get a general sense of their parenting views and their approach to sleep/food issues.)

People who have served on my previous book panels tell me that they have enjoyed answering the questionnaires and being part of the book panel -- and they didn't even have the chance to get a free book. :-)

Hope to hear from you -- or your sister-in-law Jane, who hasn't slept since 2002 (the year the twins arrived) -- or your best friend Bob, who swears he'd let his toddler bring her potty to the dinner table if she'd promise to sit on it for more than 15 seconds so he could actually eat more than three bite of his dinner without having to hop up to chase after her.


May 1st postscript:
I still need about 100 parents for the sleep book and about 150 parents for the food book, so it's not too late to e-mail me about either book. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me so far. I've really enjoyed reading -- and responding to -- your e-mails.

July 15th postscript: The sleep book panel is just wrapping up, but I'm still looking for parents for the food book panel. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about the food book panel in recent weeks. I have a huge backlog of emails to respond to, and will be responding to them as I get the food book panel up and running this week. Thank you so much for your patience!

August 29 postscript: The food book panel is now underway and I've got enough parents for that panel, too. (230+ of you. Wow!) I'll be looking for other parents for other projects over the fall and winter, however, so drop by again if you think you might be interested in being interviewed for a future book project.

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