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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Don't forget....

...you only have a few days left to win cheap hotel soap and other hotel paraphernalia.

...I'm going to be speaking at the BabyTime Show at the Toronto International Centre this weekend. My topic is The Mother of All Action Plans: Caring for Yourself So You Can Care for Your Little One.

Here's the full seminar description:

Looking for strategies to increase your energy, achieve balance, and avoid mother burnout? Ann Douglas will offer tips and her trademark "from-the-trenches" advice on mastering the ultimate of juggling acts -- motherhood! Find our how investing in yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally will increase your ability to care for your child, as well as boost your overall enjoyment of motherhood. Don't miss this idea-packed workshop with best-selling pregnancy and baby book author Ann Douglas. Friday at 1:30 p.m.

...I'm going to be speaking at the Periodical Writers Association of Canada's Professional Development Workshops in Hamilton on Saturday, May 28. Some of these workshops are open to the public, including my workshops on launching a freelance writing career and getting your non-fiction book published.

...I'm still looking for parents to interview for my sleep solutions and food solutions books. I'll be sending out the first questionnaire to the sleep solutions parents this week and the first questionnaire to the food solutions parents in mid-July. So feel free to spread the word to any other parents you know who might be interested. They can email me at ann@having-a-baby.com. (They should indicate which book they are interested in; whether their child is a baby, toddler, or preschooler; and why they'd like to be part of the book panel.)

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