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BloggerMamaFest! The Unofficial Tour....

Sunday, May 01, 2005
I've spent much of the past two weeks speaking at Ontario bookstores, presenting at parenting shows, delivering parenting workshops and hanging out with three supremely cool bloggers at some of my major ports of call.

As I noted in a previous post, I spent last Sunday afternoon with Marla and Josephine.

On Thursday, I caught up with the mystery blogger in Ottawa. As some of you had guessed, the blogger in question was Danigirl. She came out to my Ottawa Chapters event with a posse of her fellow Ottawa moms.

Dani and I didn't have too long to chat because this was an insanely busy event and I had to do a TV interview during and after my presentation, but we bonded instantly. (Well, I bonded instantly. I haven't checked out Danigirl's blog, yet. For all I know, she came home and blogged about this crazy woman who was so pumped up on Starbucks that she was no longer actually intelligible.)

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting Danigirl and who are wondering what she's like when she's off the Mothership, I can tell you that she's really fun and wonderfully down-to-earth and real. (Those are three of my biggest compliments, if you haven't gathered by now. If I ever meet someone in person and can only come up with the following nice things to say about them -- (1) hardly chewed fingernails at all; (2) impeccable taste in pens; (3) very knowledgeable about minor characters in 1970s sitcoms -- that could be a clue that our meeting didn't go particularly well.)

Oh yeah -- something else you need to know about Danigirl: she's incredibly friendly. I was greeted with this enthusiastic, "Ann?!!!" the moment she walked into the bookstore. I knew in a flash it had to be Danigirl. She looked like someone I had known for a very long time, even though we had only just met. Talk about an instant connection.

Anyway, Danigirl and I swapped "the goods" in a manner that no doubt made people wonder if we were doing some upscale drug deal. I gave her the prize package she won in the recent movie contest; she gave me a gift bag containing an Ottawa fridge magnet and a silver bookmark that will henceforth assume a place of honor in whatever book happens to be gracing my nighttable at present. (Thank you very much, Danigirl!)

I wasn't able to catch the TV coverage of the bookstore event, so I don't know if Danigirl made it on to TV or not. Long-term readers of her blog will recall that she lives in dire fear of being quoted in the press or otherwise attracting the eye of the media.

I headed back to Peterborough on Friday, changed suitcases, and then headed into Toronto for my Saturday Mother of All Toddler Workshops at the Ella Centre for Pregnancy and Parenting. I had great groups at both sessions of the workshop (I even managed to offer some new ideas to the one mom who arrived convinced that no parenting technique known to mankind could possibly work with her toddler!), so I think the workshops went well. I'll know for sure when I get a summary of the course evaluations in a few weeks' time.

After the workshop, Jen swung by and we headed over for the nearest coffee shop for coffee and conversation. I handed over her movie contest winnings and she surprised me by giving me the ultimate grownup goody bag. (Note: To anyone who meets me in future: a gift is not required. Just meeting a fellow blogger is a huge thrill. I am feeling seriously spoiled.) Anyway, Jen managed to find a Cat in the Hat wall clock and some truly decadent hand-pampering products in case I blog or otherwise work my fingers to the bone.

Jen is as witty and smart in real life as she is in her blog. She also has the most soulful eyes imaginable -- the kind that make you want to pour out your heart and soul to her. We talked about motherhood, work, pregnancy (Jen's belly is adorable: some maternity fashion company should hire her as a maternity clothing model, pronto), and all kinds of other stuff. I could have talked to her for hours, but we both needed to switch back into motherhood mode. (A mama can't play hookey in a coffee shop forever, you know!)

So it's been quite the amazing week -- a week in which I managed to meet three of my favourite bloggers on three different days. And tomorrow is going to be another very special day, here at The Mother of All Blogs.

Stay tuned for more about that!

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