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The Mother of All -- or Mom of All -- SUVs

Friday, May 20, 2005
There's a fellow at the local Honda dealership feeling mighty happy this morning that he doesn't have to deal with customers like Neil and me every day.

You see, Neil is your traditional hard bargainer. Once he sits down to buy a vehicle, every ounce of compassion and humanity leaves his body and he turns into a robot whose mission is to buy the vehicle in question at what he considers a fair price. There's not a lot of room for negotiating.

And then there's me -- the crazy purse lady. I started out by telling the car salesperson that I was extremely puzzled that not a single SUV or minivan manufacturer had responded to the North American female's all-out love affair with the color green (and I'm not talking about dark forest green -- the only shade of green that automobile manufacturers seem to recognize these days). I pointed to my yellow-green shirt and held up my lime-green purse for emphasis. I noted that I had been on a three-month long quest for a green mid-sized family vehicle, but that I had finally had to accept the fact that automobile manufacturers were determined to offer family vehicles in various shades of boring, with one or two tolerable colors thrown in to keep the minivan/SUV moms from launching an all-out revolt. The very nice car salesperson agreed that automobile manufacturers tend to be a little conservative when it comes to color choices, and promised to call me the minute Honda brings out anything in a nice shade of green. (I don't expect to be getting that call anytime soon.)

So faced with the choice of buying beige, silver, white, black, grey, dark green, blue, or red (pretty much the full complement of minivan/SUV colors this season), I decided to go with red. (I've seen a lot of really nice red purses lately, so it shouldn't be too much trouble accessorizing to coordinate with my Honda Pilot after I take delivery in two weeks' time.)

This is only the second new vehicle I have owned in my entire life, and it's definitely the nicest looking vehicle I've ever owned, so I'm pretty excited. I also think this was the vehicle I was meant to buy. (The vehicle had 13 km on the odometer when it was sitting in the showroom. Given that I was born on a Friday the 13th, this is good vehicle karma, don't you think?)

Oh yeah, one last tidbit: For Mother's Day, Neil ordered me a custom license plate that says "Mom of All" (an abbreviated version of The Mother of All.) Hopefully, the custom plate will arrive by the time we pick up the vehicle. If not, we'll have to pay the Ontario government an extra $15 to switch plates after the fact. And, as my Dad always taught me, the only thing worse than wasting money is allowing your wasted money to go to the government!

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