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An Open Letter to Apple Canada

Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Dear Apple Canada Customer Service:

At what point do you decide that a customer has suffered enough and finally take her out of her laptop-inflicted misery?

When her laptop has made ten trips into the repair shop? (I'll reach that point tomorrow.)

When her system board, sound card, internal modem, keyboard, and god-knows-what-else have all been replaced?

When I forked over the $4500 Canadian for my Apple Powerbook G4 17" screen plus the $500 for the AppleCare warranty, I naively assumed that I was buying myself peace of mind for the first three years of laptop ownership.

I guess I foolishly assumed that if my machine proved to be a lemon (which this machine clearly is), you would apologize profusely for
(1) betraying my trust in the Apple brand (I wrote 14 books on my previous Apple laptop, you see);

(2) disrupting my workday time and time again (it's hard to write books when your laptop is in the shop; and

(3) taking so long to fix every problem. (It took from last May to last August for your technicians to correctly diagnose and repair my last round of computer problems, something that caused me huge frustration and inconvenience.)

I also assumed you'd decide it would be simpler for you and for me if you were to provide me with a replacement machine since my machine is only 21 months old and it started exhibiting serious problems when it was only 9 months old.

But, Apple, you've really let me down.

And I haven't even raised the issue of the Christmas iPod snafu -- another frustrating chapter in my dealings with your company.

So tell me this: should I go back to The Dark Side -- the land of PCs -- when it's time for me to buy my next laptop -- which, with the way things are going, isn't going to be that long from now?

Or can you offer me some solid reasons for sticking with Apple -- the brand I have grown to love over the past decade?

Respectfully yours,

Ann Douglas
Author, journalist, and formerly euphoric Powerbook G4 17" laptop owner


May 12: Apple Canada has decided to send me a replacement computer. I am very relieved. Thank you, Apple Canada, for restoring my faith in your company's willingness to stand behind its generally excellent products.

| posted by Ann D @ 1:25 PM