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The Patron Saint of Laptops Was Listening

Thursday, May 12, 2005
Yes, faithful blog visitors, Apple Canada has agreed that I have suffered long enough (which means, of course, that you, my faithful readers, have suffered long enough, too). They are going to send me a new laptop just as soon as I send them my broken one. This means I will be laptopless for 7 to 10 days. (I know. This will be a personal hell for me, but I am trying to be brave.)

Neil spent the evening moving the critical data from my G4 to his iBook so that I can continue to get some work done while I am computerless. The bulk of my data is on the backup drive, waiting for the new laptop to arrive so that we can hopefully restore my data (and hence the universe) to normal functioning. Neil's hard-drive is almost full, so there wasn't enough room on his system for my stuff plus his stuff, unfortunately. I guess we're electronic packrats as well as real-world packrats.

Anyway, I'm happy that there's a happy ending in sight, but I'm likely to be The Mother of All Head Cases for the remainder of the month of May. However, I will be giving away special presents to celebrate the birth of my laptop when it finally arrives, so be sure to check back regularly. If you're one of the first four people to post in the "laptop birth" thread, you'll win one of those prizes. (It's a G4 -- hence the four prizes. I'm too tired to figure out what those prizes might be, so we'll both be surprised when the big day arrives, okay?)

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